The Tees Rowing Club 'Minihead' is an informal time trial run once a month over a shortened version of the Tees Small Boats Head/Long Distance Sculls course.

The race is generally followed by bacon sandwiches and toast with a cup of tea in the River Tees Watersports Centre and the results are ordered by 'adjusted time' based on the crew age, sex and boat type. This way, an older single sculler or adaptive rower can fairly mix it with the Senior Men's 8+ and those new to rowing using the L2R boats can see their representative time.

The event is run on a rota basis by different squads to ensure the workload is shared around the club and everyone gets to take part as much as possible.

Minihead Rota 2017

Date Co-ordinating
15/01/2017 Novices
12/02/2017 Dev Women
05/03/2017 Men
09/04/2017 Juniors
No May minihead
25/06/17 Vet Men (York & co)
09/07/2017 Warby's Squad
13/08/2017 Wrecks
10/09/2017 Masters Men (Stiller & co)
15/10/2017 Masters Women
05/11/2017 Mixed Masters & Greg's Squad
10/12/2017 Novices


Minihead Results can be found here.

Useful documents for organising the minihead can be found here.