"Tees Maids" started off the day in fine style, beating "Darc Green” to win one racebut their male colleagues failed to win a single race in the unaccustomed sweep event.
“Somewhat WRecK” were indeed somewhat wrecked by a seat which suddenly failed to slide properly in a race which they were winning. 
“Bring back sculling” they said in a failed attempt to gain sympathy. It was noted that they won the interrace bacon buttie eating competition by a wide margin.
A great day out in sunny weather and full marks to the catering staff at Chester le Street. Thanks to Stu for coxing.

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We will have Tees Regatta T-shirts available to buy on the day of the regatta for £15.

These t-shirts have been designed by some of the finest creative minds in the junior squad (Dawson & Goodes), printed on high quality fabric by a local company to allow you to look fabulous, not only on regatta day, but also for weeks and months (and in some cases, decades (I've seen some of your training kit)).

They come in a range of sizes from small to large and can be purchased from the stall at the regatta.

Funds raised will go towards the junior coaching fund.


Julian Bunn (third left), our Indoor Rowing Champ, achieved another gold medal at an Open event in Kerava, Finland in April. He got gold in the LWT (Lightweight) 60 yrs+ event and beat everyone present except for the Estonian HWT winnier. Congratulations to Julian for keeping the Tees vest on show again in Europe.