“TEE WRecKs”: Cox Kathryn Graham, Fiona Mortimer, Aly Raw, Jenna Robertson, Lindsey Sparrow-Kielty

Under the new name ”Explore League”, the 2016 Northern Sunday League series kicked off in chilly but bright, almost windless conditions.  “TEE WRecKs” met for the first time that morning due to the team being composed of both weekday daytime rowers and weekend rowers.

After a bit of place shuffling and stern words from team manager John Pattison they gelled well, began to enjoy themselves and managed a win in their third race against Chester le Street.

The Tynemouth team won all four of their races but the Tees team pushed them hard, narrowly failing to smash their blades in a fierce side-to-side contest.  A seat then broke on the Tees boat, putting paid to their valiant efforts ---- the offending team member faithfully promised in future to have only one bacon buttie before each race.


Thanks to John Pattison and to cox Kathryn Graham who performed well in her first race.