“WRecK and Pillage”: Cox: Kathryn Graham; John Pattison, Dan Reading, John Shanahan, Sean Sweeney and Kim Thompson.

The second round of the Explore Series brought us the first of the sweep events. It was also the first outing for the Tees open crew ‘WRecK and Pillage’. After only having trained together twice before and one member of the crew never having rowed sweep, the open crew put in a solid performance. 

Even with a fair amount of crab fishing in the first race, “WRecK and Pillage” managed to pull a win out the bag against a strong show from Durham.

The second race was lost by a bow ball and no amount of shouting from the cox, Kathryn, could conjure a win in the third race, in which Tees were soundly beaten by a strong crew from Sunderland.

Cox, Kathryn Graham, motivating her crew

The final race of the day was an exceptional performance from a tired crew, beating the boat from Tyne by half a length. The day was enjoyed by all and Hexham RC did a fantastic job of organising the event, despite the best efforts of Storm Desmond.

Credit: John Anderson