This years Tynemouth event saw two crews entered from TRC, TEE WRecKs (Rosie Cooper, Lindsey Sparrow-Kielty, Fiona Mortimer and Victoria Dektereff: pictured) and WRecKles (Len Small, Julian Bunn, Josie Watson and John Pattison) both coxed by Kathryn Graham.

TEE WRecKs boating at Tynemouth

This fifth round of the 2016 Explore Series was a splash-and-dash sculling event, taking place at Tynemouth on 3 July. The weather looked benign from the shelter of the Headland, but once out in the open, there was quite a South Westerly breeze along with choppy waters. Whilst all of the crews coped well to avoid boats being swept in to the pier, the course was progressively shortened with the finish being moved towards the beach as the tide came in. Although those who have been to Tynemouth in previous years have experienced larger waves, this year the boats never disappeared out of sight in the troughs.

The ladies crew had an excellent day, ending equal top with three wins, just losing out to the hosts Tynemouth in a close race, while also beating both DARC crews, who are first and second in the league this year.

The Open crew did not do quite so well, beating Hexham in their first run, but then losing two close races to DARC and Tynemouth.

Credit: Len Small