Tour of the Tees Paticipants

We had a successful event with 32 scullers and their coxes travelling to Yarm and back in 7 quads and a four, escorted by 2 safety launches. A coxing guide combined with a description of landmarks gave the coxes plenty of information for enthralling their rowers from Tyne, Hexham (2 boats), Durham (2 boats), Tees (2 boats), Tynemouth and Sheffield.

Thanks to the WRecK rowers, who took turns to cox or assist on the 2 launches, in addition to conducting preparations during the day. Thanks also to Greg Beswick who was Event Controller, providing safety guidance from a launch (and a little bit of coaching….)

Ann Graham and her husband, along with John Gibb did a fantastic job managing the morning/afternoon kitchen activities, with extra contributions through cakes from club rowers plus some WRecK leftover coffee money. Overall the event made £164 profit for the club

Our visitors said they enjoyed the day as they relaxed with food and drink on the sun drenched veranda of the RTWC afterwards!

Credit: John Anderson