Photo: Coach Greg takes Durham ladies and a slighly reluctant Clive
for ‘leg drive” exercises following their row to Yarm

43 People, including 13 Durham ARC visitors, dashed up river to Yarm in a flurry of singles , doubles, quads and an eight on a perfect windless, slightly cloudy day.

The eight was crewed by those Durham folks who row with one oar only—sounds easier than sculling but those of us who have rowed in Northern League races know better. The plan was to tire out the eight so that they would not overtake us all and get home first and eat all the burgers. Due to a miscommunication, coach Greg thought he should do the exercises with them afterwards (see photo). They performed their "leg drive" exercises with gusto after eating the burgers and certainly got tired, mixed with a hint of indigestion. But they did go home pleased and felt they had learnt something
Clive and John Lyons sailed majestically past all of us in their singles. Clive had a reconstituted Virus with sliding riggers; he has secretly been using this speed machine since he was banned following the 1980 Olympic Games
Brian Hanson said he mistook John Shanahan's BBQ smoke signals  as a cry for help and called for firm pressure over the last 200metres; Durham Dorothy in this conservative-leaning quad knew that this was just a crowd pleaser, having experienced only a gentle wander up and down the Tees over the previous 25 km
Congratulations to the relatively new starters who coped so well with the long distance. Particular credit must go to the “ young mums” who are recent starts and discard their children at 0915 each Tuesday; today they made it to Yarm and back in 2 singles and a double
A big thank you to Phillip, Greg and Ernie for driving the launches and to Yarm School for use of their pontoon during work on their magnificent new boathouse  
A big thank you to caterers Josie, Julie, Pauline and their team, not forgetting cordon blue/occasionally brown chef John and his team. 
Thanks to members for providing cakes . Josie supplied barbecue food and savouries with WRecK leftover coffee money(we overcharge you know). Generous donations were made to Junior funds.