This month's minihead was a change from the norm, as the Vet Men's squad organised something a little different for the summer holidays! The race ran from Teal corner back to the clubhouse, and boats were started in closely matched pairs to give some exciting, close racing and a different course to normal for an extra challenge. Despite it being summer holiday season, there were plenty of entries, with 19 boats competing.

This month the minihead was run by the Junior squad, many thanks to the juniors and parents who organised the event.

Next month's event will take place on Sunday 14th August and will be run by the Vet Men.

Huge apologies for the long delay in publishing the results this month!

A beautiful morning event was had today by 16 boats. Thanks go to the Development Women's squad for running the event this month. July's event will be on 10th July, and will be run by the Junior squad.

This month the minihead took place on a beautiful sunny spring morning; if only the conditions were always this way on race day! With 21 boats entered and a bumper selection of singles taking part, there was plenty of close racing. Thank you to the Men's squad for running the event smoothly.

Next month there will not be a minihead as we have Tees Regatta; the June minihead will take place on 5th June and will be organised by the junior squad.