This month the minihead took place on a beautiful sunny spring morning; if only the conditions were always this way on race day! With 21 boats entered and a bumper selection of singles taking part, there was plenty of close racing. Thank you to the Men's squad for running the event smoothly.

Next month there will not be a minihead as we have Tees Regatta; the June minihead will take place on 5th June and will be organised by the junior squad.

A brilliant race this month, involving 20 boats. A big thanks to the novice group for running this month's event.

Next month's event will be held on 10th April, and will be run by the Men's squad. Don't forget it will be followed by the 2016 AGM!

This month's minihead was run by the Mixed Masters Novice Squad and the Para Squad, thanks to them for organising the event.

Next month's event will be on March 20th and will be organised by Dick's Novice Squad.

The Minihead this month ran smoothly, despite initial concerns about ice beginning to form due to the cold, still conditions. Thanks go to the Masters Men's & Women's squads for marshalling, timing and feeding the 18 boats taking part this month.

Due to the effects of the recent weather, we had a visiting quad's-worth of rowers from Bradford for this month's event. We hope they all had a good time, and they are very welcome to come back for more another time.

Next month's event will be on Sunday 14th February, and will be co-organised by the Mixed Masters Novice squad and the ParaRowing squad.