This month's minihead was run in different format to normal, with crews setting off in pairs and racing from Teal to the club, producing some exciting and close racing. Conditions were a little challenging in places thanks to a stiff breeze. Thanks to the Vet Men for running this month's event.

Next month's event will take place in just two weeks' time, on Sunday 9th July, and will be run by Warby's squad.

Additional thanks go to Aleck Bruce who has kindly stepped up as the new Minihead Coordinator, taking care of the behind-the-scenes running of the event from month to month.

A big entry this month with 25 boats on the water and a lovely sunny morning to boot! Thanks to the Juniors and their parents for running the event this month. Next month there will be no minihead as it is Tees Regatta! The date and organising squad for the June minihead are currently TBC.

This month's minihead had a bumper entry with 19 boats racing, including some special guests from Leeds. We had lovely conditions on a sunny March morning! Thanks to the Dev Men for organising the event with help from Victoria who did an incredible job running the kitchen!

Next month's event will take place on Sunday 9th April and will be run by the Junior Squad.

This month's minihead was run by the Novices and their coaching team, thanks to everyone for a smoothly run event. Conditions were fairly benign with initial rain soon clearing up and some lovely flat water! A fairly healthy turn-out of fifteen boats to kick start the rowing year!

Next month's event will take place on Sunday 12th Feb and will be run by either the Men's squad or the Dev Women (TBC).