It's been much quieter than hoped on the victory front this month thanks to the weather, several events having been forced to cancel by wind. These included our own Tees Long Distance Sculls and Small Boats Head on October 13th of course, followed by Wansbeck LDS and SBH on the 27th.

All has not been completely lost, however, so here are the wins:

September has been a slightly busier month now the head race season is revving up and some of our crews are gearing up to pursue victory in the full 6-race Long Distance Sculls series, starting with Tyne LDS on October 6th.

Better late than never, here are the wins from June – and a very busy month it was as well! Here goes...

We've reached the end of May and the regatta season is in full swing, so at last it's time to resurrect the Monthly Wins update.