Youthful inexperience was no hindrance to a masterful Tees team as they powered ahead to win their first two races on a beautiful day at Tyne Rowing Club.


“All that rockover from our new recruit is making me dizzy” complained an established older team member as the day wore on and tiredness crept in for the older members and no more races were won. But they only lost by a canvas in their third race to Wearly Old Gits (CLS), who came second overall in the 2015 League. 
Another enjoyable year in the Northern Sunday League came to an end with 19 different teams having taken part in the Open Competition.

Somewhat WRecK (TEE) came joint fourth in the 2015 competition - Up Tyne Funk (TYN) first, Wearly Old Gits (CLS) second and Tynetantic (TYN) third.

Somewhat WRecK (TEE) (John P., Ernie, Dan and John A.) win against Tynetantic (TYN) in their second race in the final 2015 Northern League round