Not a lot of September results, but some great ones!

I'm afraid I don't have crew lists, but the Cooper quad raced at World Masters in Belgium (10-13 September) and came away with two Silvers, in D4x and E4x, as well as a Bronze when they came together with three members of DARC to race a scratch E8. Excellent work as always gents, well done.

York Autumn Sculls (19 September): Win for MasG 4x of Paul Reevell, Dick Marlow, Bob Bainbridge and Chris Kenyon in Mas D/E/G

Boston Marathon (20 September): a fantastic achievement for Lucy Radley, the first W.LTA 1x to ever complete the course and she did so beating 15 able-bodied boats on raw times (including doubles and a quad!). Being the first W.LTA 1x to complete the 50km marathon, Lucy now holds the course record - one I'm sure she'll be aiming to beat next year!

Congratulations everyone! 

Don't forget to start sending me you October results!