Hi all, some solid wins in January - details below. Well done everyone!


Tyne United New Years Head - 23 January

Nov 8+ Winners at Tyne United Head, 23rd January. (Photo credit: Al Johnson)

Nov 8+: Michael Hartland, Phil Maltas, Liam Clarke, Rob Enright, Andy Brown, James Atkinson, Neil Dunning, Stuart Barlow, Cox: Janet Wilkinson

Mas E 8+: Dick Wilkinson, Peter Davis, Peter Mackfall, Paul Reevell, Tony Atherton, Steven Leigh, Richard Harandon, Dilwyn Jones, Cox: John Heron


Rutherford - 31 January

Mas D/F 8+ (F) Winners at Rutherford Head, 31st January. (Photo credit: Al Johnson)

Mas D/F 8+ (F): Dick Wilkinson, Paul Reevell, Richard Harandon, Dilwyn Jones, Bob Bainbridge, Steve Leigh, Paul Stiller, Graham (Jack) Calvert, Cox: John Heron

Mas F/G 4x- (G): Paul Reevell, Dick Marlow, Bob Bainbridge, Chris Kenyon

W.Mas B/C 4x- (B): Angela Warburton, Jo Lloyd, Mary Dryden, Katie Hall


Well done also to the crew of the Women’s Nov 8+, who took part in their first race at Rutherford. We hope to see you mentioned as a winning crew in the near future.