On Saturday 23rd of April, Julian entered the O/60 LWT of the Finland Indoor Open Marathon Championships 2016 as a defending champion, having won in 2014 and 2015. This took place on day one of the two day event, using Concept2 Ergs. Here’s what happened:


Finland Indoor Open Marathon Championships 2016

42195 metres - The Full Monty.

This was my third marathon on the erg in Finland and having won the O/60 LWT in 2014 & 15, I was going for a hat-trick, and‘I won’. I had to sacrifice beating the Finnish HWT's this year, as the LWT event was too close to call at the start and it’s all about winning, but I was really chuffed with this one as it gave me the hat-trick. It was immediately apparent when I arrived that someone was determined that I should not win this time around – The competition was leaner and stronger than I'd ever seen before. The winning time was irrelevant as the pace was all over the shop, being way too fast at the start, butI had to follow as I believed the threat was serious. The aim then, was to break my main rival . . . and I did that! In the end we all suffered for the early shenanigans, but I was able to go faster than they did, making sure I was always travelling faster than they were. Not a quick time but a tough race.

SO - JB TRC 3 Finland 0

Many thanks to Greg and the other Circuits members - absolutely no doubt circuits were a massive help, and to Paul Stiller for a 10K we'd done a few weeks before which boosted my confidence no end. After the work, marathon racing has a big mental input.


Officially,Finland Open Champion O/60 LWT
2016 2:58:59.4
2015 2:57:43.1
2014 2:52:44.3

Before being Finland Open Champion, my previous international was the Dutch Open Marathon, when I won the O/60 in Asten - just outside Eindhoven.
2012 2:49:47

Do you think the times are trying to tell me something?

Credit: Julian Bunn