We've reached the end of May and the regatta season is in full swing, so at last it's time to resurrect the Monthly Wins update. Here's a nice little crop to set us away:

Durham City Regatta – Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th May

IM.2xStuart Barlow and Liam Clarke

W.2- - Becky Graham and Hannah Dawson


Tees Regatta – Saturday 19th May

W.Mas.F.4x – Janet Wilkinson, Liz Puddick, Jane Webb and Liz Leigh

W.Mas.B-D.4x – Denise McArdle, Wendy Capes, Mary Dryden and Sarah Harker (C)

Mas.F-H.4x – Tony Stocking, Ralph Pickles, Bob Bainbridge and Chris Kenyon (H)

Mas.F-H.2x – Ralph Pickles and Bob Bainbridge (G)


Open Foundation 1x – Mazyar Armini

Open Foundation 2x – Callum Holdsworth and Mazyar Armini

W.J18.2- - Lucy Tunn and Hannah Dawson

Particular congratulations must go to Mazzy, who performed incredibly well given this was only his third regatta.