Hexham Regatta – Saturday 2nd June


W.1xFiona Barlow

Mas.D/E. 4+ - Steve Heath, Richard Olver, Graham York, Ken Watson and Beth Kazmierski (cox)


Durham Regatta – Saturday 9th& Sunday 10th June


No wins, but some impressive “near misses”, both from various Juniors and the Women's and Men's Power 8 Sprint crews.


British Rowing Masters Championships (“Nat Vets”) - Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th June

We'll go by medals for this one, given it's status as an event:



Champ.W.Mas.D.2x – Angela Warburton and Mary Dryden

Champ.W.Mas.C.4x - Denise McArdle, Wendy Capes, Mary Dryden and Sarah Harker


Jo Lloyd also came 3rd in the Champ.W.Mas.B.1x, but no medal was awarded as it was a five boat race. To my mind, however, it was one of the standout performances of the regatta as she had only been back in a single for 3 weeks, following 18 months off to have a baby daughter!


Angela Warburton also deserves an extra shout as she had only been training for 5 weeks since sustaining an achilles tendon injury.



Champ.Mas.H/J.2x – Ralph Pickles and Bob Bainbridge, beaten only by the same crew who beat them at Worlds last year in Bled. They are now rowing double training sessions, determined to put things to rights when they next meet at Henley Masters...


The Mas.G.8+ crew also came second, albeit in a two boat race. They lost by just 0.43 secs to a composite “boatload of ringers”, and rowed so well the umpire gave both crews a round of applause at the finish!


But most importantly...:



Champ.Mas.H.4x – Tony Stocking, Ralph Pickles, Bob Bainbridge and Chris Kenyon.


This was Tees RC's most consistently successful crew's third Gold in a row at this event, putting pretty much every other crew in the boathouse to shame....again!


Back on more local water:


York Summer Regatta – Sunday 24th June


Op.1x – Adam Rowling

W.Op.1x – Sarah Lowery

W.8+ - Hannah Mortimer, Liberty Regan, Emily Morton, Fiona Ventress, Bridget O'Driscoll, Marianne Baird, Becky Graham, Imogen Kench-Porter and Robyn Inglis (YCRC cox).


This 8 is the all-Tees (bar cox) Newcastle entry on the women's side for the power8sprint event, to be held down in Bristol later in July – more news on that to follow very soon! This crew includes Hannah Mortimer, who deserves special mention for racking up 6 races, 3 finals and 1 win in a single day!


Bradford Sprint Regatta – Saturday 30th June


J18.1x – Mazyar Amini (J16)

W.J14.1x – Isabel Heal-Betts.


A very well done to all, especially the various winners, but everyone else who went out and raced for Tees as well!