September has been a slightly busier month now the head race season is revving up and some of our crews are gearing up to pursue victory in the full 6-race Long Distance Sculls series, starting with Tyne LDS on October 6th.

Having said all that, the first event in September was actually the last of the year's regattas, so without further ado, congratulations to the following:

September 1st : North of England Spring Championships, Hollingworth Lake, Rochdale.

A fabulous crop of wins for this one:


W.Mas.B/C.1x – Denise McArdle

W.Mas.C.4x- - Denise McArdle, Angela Warburton, Jo Lloyd, Sarah Harker

W.Mas.C.2x - Angela Warburton, Jo Lloyd

Band.1.Open.1x – Adam Rowling

J14.1x – James Renn (His first race!)

J17.1x. - Jack Norton

W.2x - Bridget O'Driscoll and Jess Lee

W.2- - Lucy Tunn and Hannah Dawson

W.4x- - Lucy Tunn, Hannah Mortimer, Hannah Dawson and Bridget O'Driscoll


September 30th : York Autumn Sculls

The first head race this year, and a great couple of wins to set us away:

W.Mas.D.2x – Angela Warburton and Mary Dryden

Mas.D/E/F/G.4x- - Tony Stocking, Julian Wilkinson, Bob Bainbridge and Chris Kenyon (This crew, who are in the G-over 65 age group, were also the overall second fastest boat of the day on handicapped time.)

As ever, well done to all who raced and represented the club, and good luck to those racing this weekend!