BUCS Regatta - 4th-6th May

I'm going to break the rules of “Wins” again here and report on two Teesside Uni members who raced particularly well at their national goal event this year, BUCS Regatta. TUBC entered a whole trailer-load of crews, but this pair performed well above and beyond expectations and in fine style. Before you scoff, bear in mind my usual attitude to minor showings being talked up – I wouldn't be mentioning these if they weren't genuinely of note!

Lucy Freeman raced in the W.Beg.1x having only been training in the boat for a couple of weeks. She started her campaign by narrowly missing out on the A Final, but her performance in the B Final was a true joy to watch. This year there was a livestream of BUCS and the commentators had their favourites picked right from the start. The race unfolded as expected with Lucy barely in camera shot and certainly not being mentioned until the last few hundred meters when it was suddenly noticed that she was rowing through the favourites, clean out in front. Keeping her form despite the sprint, she held the lead until the last 20m, when sadly she caught a buoy with one blade and capsized. A heartbreaking end to a truly impressive row – Lucy is most definitely one to watch in seasons to come.

Adam Rowling is our second TUBC sculler to impress at BUCS, in his case in the Int.1x, where he reached the A final. This was an absolutely stacked race, heaving with lads who'd represented GB at Junior level and who you'd be forgiven for wondering why they were in an Intermediate category at all, but it was what it was. Once again I was watching on the livestream and the commentators had their favourites picked, the camera focussing on the leaders from the off, Adam apparently left trailing behind. But no, once again it got to the last 500m and suddenly our man was on fire, storming up through the field and eventually missing third place by just 0.3 of a second! A very intelligently rowed race and a fine performance Adam – all you need to do now is start sprinting 10m earlier! Seriously, very, very well done.

Durham City Regatta - 11th-12th May

A great warm-up both for our own regatta and the main Durham event in June, this one saw a particularly fine Junior turn out, with plenty of heat wins and close calls. Just the one actual win though:

J18.1x - Mazyar Armini

Tees Regatta – Saturday 18th May

Almost an embarrassment of riches at our home event, so I'll dive straight in:

W.B3.1x – Imogen Kench

W.B2.1x – Rebecca Graham

Op.1x – Adam Rowling

Mas D/E 4+ - Sean Kenneally, Richard Olver, Steve Heath, Chris Braithwaite, Beth Kazmierski (cox)

J18.2x – Mazyar Armini and Callum Holdsworth

Mas.F/H..4x - Ralph Pickles, Julian Wilkinson. Bob Bainbridge, Chris Kenyon

W.4x - Sarah Harker, Mary Dryden, Denise McArdle, Angela Warburton

W.2x - Angela Warburton, Mary Dryden

These last two results are particularly worthy of note as they involved crews who normally race as Masters C or D winning open senior events – there were a few rather embarrassed 20-somethings at the finish of both, that's for sure!