Hi all,

Congratulations to the following crews who won events last month:
Chester-le-Street Regatta:
IM3 4+: Andrew Walker, James Lindsay, Tom Horsburgh, Elliot Sharp, Ellie Goodes (cox)
MasD/E/F 2x: Dick Wilkinson and Mike Fallaize
And also success at Bradford's annual scratch event, the War of the Roses. Race report from Si Crabtree below:
"You probably know the format – crews drawn by lot for the fours in the morning and again for the quads in the afternoon.  Sixteen crews in total for each event meant that four wins were required to get through the heats, quarters, semis and final.
In the fours we had some good rows, with Victoria Dektereff rowing at Bow for her crew going through all four races victorious and winning the event in what I think was her first regatta.  In the afternoon I was fortunate to be in the winning quad crew, again finishing first in four rounds to win the event.
The final crews for the Eights Yorkshire v Lancashire event were again drawn by lot, and the Yorkshire crew of seven ladies and one man went on to win the race convincingly with both Helen Cauldren and Iona Macleod in the boat."
Well done everyone.
I expect that my May Winning Crews email will be considerably longer!
Kind regards,