Hi all
Congratulations to all our October winners.  Keep it up!  You will note I’ve added a little more this month – the numbers in brackets indicate where our winners placed – i.e. 1/3 means first of three!  I researched these this month but in future if you can add this to your winning crews emails that would be of great help. 
Pairs Head
W.Sen 2x:            Charlotte Davies, Charlotte Cook (1/3)
South Hylton LDS
MasF/G 1x:         Bob Bainbridge (1/5)
Tees LDS
W.J17A 4x-:        Kelly Barrett, Charlotte Coxon, Katie Bainbridge, Emily Millington-Clarke (1/2)
W.MasC/D 4x-: Janet Wilkinson, Denise McArdle, Gill Stiller, Gill Bryant (1/2)
MasE 1x:              Greg Beswick (1/5)
MasF/G 1x:         Bob Bainbridge (1/4)
W.IM2 1x:           Megan Roberts (1/4)
W.IM3 1x:           Jo Dora (1/4)
Tees SBH
W.IM3 4x-:  Sarah Lowry, Emily Grant, Helen Probert, Danielle Connery (1/5) - and also won the Pennant for Fastest Women's Boat!
Tyne LDS
W.MasD 4x-:      Janet Wilkinson, Denise McArdle, Gill Stiller, Gill Bryant (1/2)
Tyne SBH
Mx.Mas C/D:     Gary Bettinson, Ester Takacs, Paul Stiller, Gill Stiller (1/3)
And a special mention to Tina Stiller, Kat Copeland, Beth Bryan, Charlotte Davies and Charlotte Cook who amongst them medalled in the W.2x, LWT W.2x and came fourth by I think 0.2secs in the W.4x.  STRONG!
Good luck to everyone racing at Durham this weekend.
Kind regards