Hi everyone
Lots of successes in September; well done everyone!  Lets keep it up into the LDS and Head season.
Hollingworth Lake: The North of England Sprint Championships - 06 September 2014
MasE 4+: Sean Kenneally, Richard Olver, Alan Puddick, Ken Watson, Hannah York (C)
Nov 4x-: Michael Hartland, Tom Shackleton, Chris Richardson, Duncan Gonclaves
W.IM3 4x-: Libby Goodes, Amy Fanning, Kelly Barrett, Ellie Goodes
W.J15 1x: Hannah Dawson
J18 1x: Ali Ben Tiba
W.MasB 4+: Vicky Mattless, Angela Warburton, Fiona Ventress, Jo Dora, Nicola Oldroyd (BARC) (C)
W.MasB 4x-: Vicky Mattless, Angela Warburton, Fiona Ventress, Jo Dora
W.MasC 2x: Angela Warburton, Jo Dora
Chester-le-Street 'Small Regatta' - 14 September (a friendly informal event was held after their primary regatta was cancelled)
Mx.IM3 4x+: Julia Worboys, Nick Boyne-Cross, Becky Graham, Peter McTiernan, Robin Price (C)
Great Tyne Row: 20 September
Fastests W 4x+: Meg Holmes, Dionne Dunning, Liz Puddick, Meg Magnificent Roberts, James Atkinson (C)
Chester LDS: 28 September
W.MasC/D 2x: Angela Warburton, Jo Dora
A reminder to those that need it:  if you want to be listed in the monthly 'winning crews' notifications, I need you to provide me the information you see above for your own wins.  I'm not going to go digging for additional information again!!
Good luck to the crews travelling to South Hylton and Pairs Head this weekend.  I hope everyone is getting the kms in the bank in advance of these events, plus Tees, Tyne and the other upcoming events.  Also, well done and thank you to everyone who took part in the extended minihead on Sunday - and boat naming... apologies for my absence - but Chester is a city I will always want to race in (I spent most of my childhood, and learnt to row, there) but it was also very important to Angie and I as Pairs Head prep!  
Here's hoping I get to publish as many wins for October!