Hi all,

Congratulations to all our June winners - and a special nod to our Start ladies who were victorious at Henley Women's Regatta.  Keep it up everyone - this is the type of email I love to send!!!

Hexham Regatta – Saturday 1 June

W.IM3 4x-: Fiona Ventress, Sarah Lowry, Meg Roberts, Meg Holmes

W.Mas A/B 4x-: Fiona Ventress, Vicky Mattless, Liz Puddick, Wendy Capes

MxMasC 2x: Gary Bettinson and Ester Takacs

W.MasC 2x: Angela Warburton and Jo Dora


Durham Regatta – Saturday 14 June

W.Eli 2x (Tees / Bath University Composite): Charlotte Davies and Sara Parfett

W.MasC 4+: Wendy Capes, Angela Warburton, Mary Dryden, Jo Dora, Sarah Harker (cox)


Durham Regatta – Sunday 15 June

W. Para 1x: Gillian Lathan (TA)

J18 4- (long course): Ali Ben Tiba, Will King, Shaun Elgie, Miles Excell


Henley Women’s Regatta – Friday 20 to Sunday 22 June

W.Sen 4x- (Tees / Bath University Composite): Charlotte Davies, Sara Parfett, Beth Bryan, Charlotte Camille Cook


Bradford Regatta – Saturday 28 June

IM3 4x+: Liam Clarke, Mike Beever, Dan Stainsby, Stuart Barlow, Sarah Lowry (cox)

W.IM2 2x: Meg Roberts and Katie Hall

W.MasC 2x: Angela Warburton and Jo Dora

W.MasB/D 4x+ (Composite with Bradford): Angela Warburton, Frances Horne, Kim Davis, Jo Dora, Laura Draycott (cox) (MasB crew)


And also a win for our ladies at the Sunday League – Skills Head (sweep) at Talkin Tarn:

Helen Cauldren, Rebecca Graham, Iona MacLeod, Michelle Gilhespy

Kind regards,