Superior fitness and skill combined with a relentless training regime perhaps….. but the two Tees teams also have to thank the dedication and skill of coach and cox Stuart Barlow for their impressive wins at the Northern League Skills event.

At times it seemed as if Stuart had brought along one of his development engines as they skimmed over the course faster than their competition.

"Somewhat WRecK" led the field in the open event in the opening round despite losing a blade when swopping blades between stroke and bow. In the second half (after too many bacon butties thoughtfully provided by the Juniors and their mums) they were 3 seconds slower than the young Tyne team who have won every event this year up to now. But the combined times saw them win overall.

John P., Len, Ernie and John A. are guided round a buoy by Stuart B.


“Tees Maids” made the running in the women’s event and had a 20 second lead over top team “Tyneapple Chunks”  to win overall.

Blade swopping carried out to perfection by Kendra Exley, Helen Wescott, Helen Empson and Jill Patterson under the watchful eye of cox Stuart.


Thanks to Len Small and Linda Johnson for organizing the event, to all those who helped on the day and brought cakes and to the Juniors for well executed catering.

Getting priorities right---first activity is coffee and cake time for participants provided by the Juniors while Len Small and Linda Johnson organize the race order draw


Ernie found a unique way to quench his thirst during “blade slaps”.