Better late than never, here are the wins from June – and a very busy month it was as well! Here goes...

We've reached the end of May and the regatta season is in full swing, so at last it's time to resurrect the Monthly Wins update.

It seems our winning ways at June's British Rowing Masters Championships have caught the attention of Stockton Borough Council...Our winning Masters H 4x- of Dick Marlow, Ralph Pickles, Bob Bainbridge and Chris Kenyon are currently featuring on SBC's website as part of their campaign to encourage participation in sport based around Rio 2016.

We're enormously proud of their achievements both on the water and in digital print, but don't just take our word for it, read for yourself what they've been up to by following this link:

Congratulations gentlemen!

Wearing the Tees Colours, Julian Bunn was aiming to win the O/60 LWT for the third time in a row at these championships – and was pleased to report that he achieved the feat. Well done Julian.