Tees novices compete in the Explore Rowing Sunday League

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The club currently has over 200 members and welcomes:

 ALL AGES, from junior to masters

ANY LEVEL OF ABILITY, from complete beginner to experienced rower

ANY LEVEL OF COMMITMENT, from recreational rowing to serious competition

DISABLED ATHLETES, as part of our flourishing Para-Rowing Squad


Rowing is a Great Sport!

It doesn't matter if you are young, old, big, small, or how fit you are, Tees Rowing Club welcomes everybody. It’s a great way to get fit and meet new people. Maybe you've rowed in the past at some point and already know all this, but if not, we offer Learn to Row (L2R) courses as part of the British Rowing Explore Rowing. We aim to make our courses fit in with the busy lives people lead so once you have signed up for the L2R course you become a temporary member of the club and can attend for 10 of the organized sessions in the beginners group. Whatever your reason for arriving here, please read on for further info & details of how you may contact us.


How to Join Us

There are a number of routes into the club, depending on your experience and goals:

Adult Learn to Row courses

Junior Learn to Row courses

Adaptive Squad

Experienced Rowers

For more information on the club, you can also download our New Members' Handbook and view our Membership Fees.

Adult Learn to Row Courses

Weekend and Evening courses

Tees runs a number of Learn to Row courses, which cater for those new to rowing, and we welcome anyone who wishes to sample the sport.

Sessions take place on Sunday at 10am all year, plus one evening during the week in the summer. You need to be able to swim - just in case the unusual occurs! You do not need to be young, fit, or athletic, but remember to tell us if you have any problems that might affect your rowing.

The course costs £100 for ten sessions, and because people have busy lives, these ten sessions can be taken over a period of 3 months. When you have done the ten sessions you must join the club to continue rowing. 

You stay with the beginners' group until we think you are ready to move on, then we help you integrate into the next group. The emphasis on these courses is to show you the enjoyment that can be had from rowing and to teach the basic technique, as well as some racecraft and preparation for racing at all levels.

The £100 course fee also includes the necessary insurance cover whilst taking the course. We operate a roll-on roll-off system so contact us and we will start you as soon as possible. If you are interested in joining the Adult Learn to Row course, you can contact the L2R coordinator.

For your first session, please bring a completed Membership Form and course fee of £100 (in the form of a cheque payable to Tees Rowing Club, or cash). If you decide at the end of the first session that you don’t want to row then the money will be returned. Please note that the membership form does not contain a dedicated learn to row section, so please mark on the form that you require the Learn to Row course for £100.

Weekday Daytime courses

The Recreational Rowers are a social group of people of all ages and abilities, adaptive rowers and absolute beginners who meet on weekday mornings. They include shift workers, those who have just dropped their children off at school, schoolchildren and college students outside of term time, and retired people. On Tuesdays, they focus on coaching beginners and skill development.

If you think you might like to learn to row with the Recreational group, you can click here to read more about the group.

If you would like to make email contact, please click here.

You can attend free of charge for a small number of taster sessions. If you want to carry on learning to row, you will be asked to pay as you go until you have acquired the basic rowing skills to join the club (typically about 10 weeks). To carry on rowing, we ask you to join the club, either as an off-peak or full club member. We also ask you to join British Rowing as a "Row" member (includes extra insurance). Alternatively, after your taster session(s), you can choose to complete the more formal Learn to Row course. There is usually no need to book for a taster session - just turn up at 8.30am Tuesday and we'll take it from there - BUT please see the note about Covid at the end of this section.

You need to be able to swim - just in case the unusual occurs - but you do not need to be young, fit, or athletic. Remember to tell us if you have any problems that might affect your rowing.

Dress in layers for the weather: for your first day wear socks and old trainers, clothes that are not baggy and no heavy absorbent tops that soak up the wet. Slim fitting tops/tee shirts and shorts or trousers are fine. 

If you would like more information before coming along for a taster session, or to learn to row with the Recreational Rowers, you can contact the Recreational Squad representative.

Note about the Coronavirus: currently, rowing is restricted and the Recreational Rowers are not running any weekday sessions. No taster or weekday learn to row sessions will be offered until current government restrictions have been relaxed for at least three months (so the squad has a chance to get back into the swing of things itself). 

Junior Learn to Row courses

We offer a separate Learn to Row course for those under 18 years old. Please note that the minimum age for learning to row at Tees RC is 12 years old.

The junior sessions at Tees Rowing Club are held each Sunday under the instruction of a group of volunteer coaches and members of the senior squads. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for young individuals to try a new and exciting sport, helping them to discover their potential as future athletes.

There are currently over 30 committed juniors who regularly attend the training sessions, while over 60 potential members eagerly remain on the waiting list. The sessions usually consist of an instructed outing on the water during which the juniors concentrate both on their own technical performance as well as working together to move the boat as a team. If the weather prevents us from boating a range of indoor fitness and conditioning sessions are organised as well as regular lessons on the ergo’s.

The junior squad demonstrates an excellent opportunity for anyone who wishes to get fit, make new friends or just get outdoors and have a great time. Each individual is encouraged to achieve their personal best at their own pace, and our diverse range in ages and abilities provide a relaxed and enjoyable environment enabling new goals to be reached.

We currently have a group of J15 girls training hard in preparation for their first regatta at the end of the summer. Their positive attitude and determination over the past months has provided them with a strong foundation to become a competitive racing crew. We wish them all the best!

There is currently a waiting list for joining the junior squad.

If you wish to enquire about junior rowing or join the waiting list, you can contact the Junior squad representative.


Adaptive Squad

A rapidly growing section of the sport is the Rowability scheme for Adaptive Athletes whose aims are to enable the inclusion of as many people as possible, regardless of their disability, by use of specialist equipment and coaching.

The Tees RC Rowability scheme is open to those with many kinds of physical or sensory issues, and caters both for participants who want to row purely recreationally or for fitness, as well as athletes who wish to aspire to compete on a Regional, National or even International level.

There is a two tier structure within the Squad; Recreational/Development and Performance. We train at the RTWC on both Saturday and Sunday mornings, with a weekday session in the lighter summer evenings.

The Squad already boasts one athlete who is currently training within the Great Britain set up at Caversham in the Trunk and Arms classification (Laurence Whiteley), and it also has the current World Indoor Rowing Champion and record holder for the Arms and Shoulders only classification in  Caroline Macdonald. 

We will always welcome contact from anyone who might be interested in taking up rowing to see if we can incorporate them into our squad, particularly for any potential performance athletes who are willing to commit to train regularly with a view to competing at all levels of the sport.

Any interested Adaptive athlete who would like to be considered for a chance to trial as a performance participant should click here to contact Tees RC's Rowability coach Greg Beswick.


Experienced Rowers

If you have had a break from rowing then Tees would love to see you return to the sport as a member of our club. We have a number of groups catering for all abilities - to find out more, please click here to contact the Captain, who will put in you in touch with the relevant squad representative.