Membership Fees

Class of Membership Monthly Subscription Notes
Adult Member £29  
Student £20.50  
Distant Student £12  
J18 Members £20.50 Born after 01/09/2002
J13 Members £13.50 Born after 01/09/2007
Social/Coaching/Coxing only £3  
Social/Coaching/Coxing/Gym £14  
Off Peak £17.50 9 am to 5 pm Mon-Fri, no competing
Joining Fee 1 month's subscription  
Learn to Row courses £100 for 10 lessons  

Members pay their fees by monthly direct debit subscription, and it is also possibly to pay for the year in one go by bank transfer.

New members pay joining fee equal to one month's subscription.

Racking Charges

Racking charges for privately owned boats Monthly cost
Single £17
Double/pair £18.50
Quad/four £35

There is currently a waiting list for racking boats at the club.