Unfortunately, weekday daytime courses are not being offered currently as a consequence of Covid. Those who have completed the standard “Learn to Row” course are welcome to join the recreational group.  It is possible for you to add your name to a waiting list to learn to row on a Tuesday morning but we cannot say when this will be possible.


The Recreational Rowers are a social group of people of all ages and abilities from absolute beginners to those who have been rowing 60 years or more who meet during the week.


If you think you might like to learn to row with the Recreational group, you can click here to read more about the group.


If you would like to make email contact, please click here.


If you choose to learn via the weekday course, you can attend a taster session (sometimes two if you have been unlucky with the weather or the experience that we were able to give,) free of charge. If you choose to carry on, you will be asked to pay as you go until you have acquired the basic rowing skills to join the club (typically about 10 weeks). This charge covers the day fees for the centre and a small contribution to the rowing club expenses. After that, we ask you to join the club, either as an off-peak or full club member. We also suggest that you join British Rowing as a "Row" member (includes personal insurance). Alternatively, after your taster session(s), you can choose to complete the more formal Learn to Row course. The best way to start is to get in touch by email, and we will agree a time for you to come down. This is usually a Tuesday morning at 8.30am, but we sometimes run a separate learn to row session if we have a lot of beginners starting at the same time.


It is best if you are able to swim (otherwise we can provide a jacket) just in case the unusual occurs. You do not need to be young, fit, or athletic. Remember to tell us if you have any problems that might affect your rowing. Dress in layers for the weather: for your first day wear socks and old trainers, clothes that are not baggy and no heavy absorbent tops that soak up the wet. Slim fitting tops/tee shirts and shorts or trousers are fine. 



If you would like more information before coming along for a taster session, or to learn to row with the Recreational Rowers, you can contact the Recreational Squad representative.