News of the Tees Juniors activities from the JIRR trails at Cambois and the Junior Skills Day held at the RTWC, across the weekend of 22-23 February. (Photo courtesy of Machteld Milen Vansteenkiste)

This month's minihead was run by the Mixed Masters Novice Squad and the Para Squad, thanks to them for organising the event.

Next month's event will be on March 20th and will be organised by Dick's Novice Squad.

Details of our winning crews from January (Photo Credit: Al Johnson)

With Bradford Amateur Rowing Club being unable to use their own facilities since November, Tees were happy to lend a hand and welcomed a sizeable contingent looking to get some time on the water by inviting them to use our facilities. This follows successful visits by the Senior Women’s Crew, including an appearance in our January Minihead.

BARC are currently fundraising to repair their facilities, damaged by recent flooding. If you would like to make a donation towards this fundraising please follow the link within the article.