This month's minihead took place in beautiful weather conditions; still, calm water and the sun even shone! We had a bumper entry with 16 entries spread across all boat sizes and loads of singles!

The sole representative from Tees at the third Northern League 2015 event  enjoyed the fruits of their recent sweep training by winning two races at Hexham. 

Chastened by their previous poor performance the team had asked for coaching from Philip Searle, indulging also in video analyses of their performances. 

“After considerable training, we could only detect technique faults through dramatically slowing the action down” explained a grizzled team member with tongue firmly in cheek.

John Pattison, Len Small, Ernie Bland, John Anderson and Lukas van Vuuren


This month's minihead took place in some tough conditions with wind, rain and some very choppy sections in places. Despite some boats being away from the club, we got a good selection of crews out and some very close racing.

Details of all our May winners and notable performances below. Congratulations to all!