This month's report is short; thanks to the weather our region was hit with cancellations, so there's only one event to tell you about as far as I'm aware:

Saturday 2nd November – Wansbeck LDS and SBH

LDS (Morning Race)

Op.J16.2xBen Summers and Lewis Henson

SBH (Afternoon Race)

Op.J16.1x – Lewis Henson

Congratulations and keep up the good work lads!


October was a  truly bumper month, as the Northern Rowing Long Distance Sculls series and its associated Small Boats Heads got underway. Deep breath....

We are deeply sad to announce that our much loved friend and coach, David “Stan” Collingwood, has died after a relatively short illness. The following words were written by one of the Masters H Squad he coached, Chris Kenyon, and on Sunday 20th October we were proud to invite his wife, Linda Collingwood, to participate in a boat naming ceremony in Stan's honour. As she said on the day: “David knew this was happening and was very proud – this will be the first and only boat which has ever been named after him.”

“Stan” is a heavyweight single scull which has already won its first race in the hands of 27-year old Steven Roe – the Open 1x (Band 1) at Tees Small Boats Head, which was held the same day its namesake passed away. Again, in Linda's words which were inspired by the man himself: “God bless this boat and all who scull in her!”

Please click "Read More" below for pictures of the boat naming ceremony and an appreciation from Tees Rowing Club.