I'm really chuffed to update you all about today’s results at the British Rowing Indoor Championships results.

Yet again both current and past Tees Para athletes have produced some great results.

Ian Ronal is being coached at your club and was entered in the men’s PR3-PD 2000m event. Result 6.51.4 - 2nd overall.

Ella Holloway was coached for one and a half years at Tees and developed from a novice para to a performance athlete before leaving due to work and is now at Marlow.

Ella keeps in touch with the squad and today was entered in the Women’s PR3-PD 2000m event. Result 8.13.4- 1st overall.

The pair met up for a photo at the venue.

Well done guys a superb effort at a major event. 

The results for Tees LDS and SBH have now been published. Please click here to view the results for Tees SBH or visit the Northern Rowing website to view the results for Tees LDS. Thank you for visiting us on Saturday, we look forward to seeing you again in May for Tees Regatta!

November's minihead was a great sucess with 20 boats and 72 rowers taking to the water in near perfect conditions.  I would like to thank Greg's group and all of his helpers today for their organisation and bumper session in the kitchen raising over £200 for the club.

Next month's minihead is on the 10th of December and will be organised by Michael Beever and the Novice group.


Thanks to Helen and Kendra's squad for stepping in a short notice to help run October's minihead. The event was well attended and although the wind was a little challenging it mad for a great mornings racing. I would like to mention the girls in Tees Valley who had never rowed as far as the pipe bridge before yet managed to but in a respectable time. Next moths event is to be ran by Greg's squad with the help of a few friends on the 5th of November. If you have nor helped with the organisation of a minihead this year, please get in touch as some of the squads are smaller than others and need more numbers to safely run the event.