Temporary copy of the August minihead results until the Minihead Coordinator gets back from his holidays!

August 2017 Minihead Results

Today's minihead took place in lovely sunny conditions and with an unusually high number of singles! Thank you to our visitors for their kind donations!

Thanks to Warby's squad for running the event. Next month's event will take place on Sunday 13th August and will be run by the Wrecks.


This month's minihead was run in different format to normal, with crews setting off in pairs and racing from Teal to the club, producing some exciting and close racing. Conditions were a little challenging in places thanks to a stiff breeze. Thanks to the Vet Men for running this month's event.

Next month's event will take place in just two weeks' time, on Sunday 9th July, and will be run by Warby's squad.

Additional thanks go to Aleck Bruce who has kindly stepped up as the new Minihead Coordinator, taking care of the behind-the-scenes running of the event from month to month.